Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Message To You Rudy

To mark the opening of this blog.... (puts on Queeny voice) I now declare this blog officially open,God Bless it and all those who read/comment on it.-RudeGirl

Rude Things:
Phone-ins. This morning I am zapping through the various radio stations and they are
Nicky Campbell (5 Live)-Talking about old folk/benefits.
Kaye Adams(Radio Scotland)-Cycling.
Vanessa Feltz(Radio London)-Talking about old folk/benefits.
Talk Sport Radio-Well- sport with a loud voice.
Nick Ferrari- (LBC) Aga Stoves..and British products.

A criticism levelled at this format is that it is cheap radio-(well it is a bit-think of a topic to talk about and let the great unwashed go for it). Station controllers have in my mind an unhealthy obsession with audience engagement/participation. Notice how often you are encouraged to call, text,e-mail,tweet and leave a message on the program face-book page. The quest for a multi-platform on-line presence is draining for the listener- and leaves me thinking that contributing is the last thing I want to do.

If I am being really rude..sometimes it is the callers that make me squirm. I reader, am the type of the person that feels embarrassed for other people whilst watching them on TV or listening to them on the radio. I fidget,pretend to dust, re-read Takeaway menus, do a strange whistle,offer to make tea..anything. I know not why this is. Perhaps we should have a phone-in about it..text me,comment,tweet me, (repeat to fade-bursts into flame)

And I do recognise the irony of me blogging....Rude.or what..

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